About Tarifa

Bridge between Europe and Africa

About Tarifa

Tarifa is a magical place, a spectacular geographical enclave, bridge between Europe and Africa, border between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. It has a beautiful natural landscape of coastal and terrestrial very well preserved. In addition, a large part of our territory is protected due to its high ecological value.

The Alcornocales Natural Park is the largest cork oak tree in the Iberian Peninsula, with its scenic beauty, rich fauna and the splendour of its forests, which make this great natural space an incomparable indeed for the development of biodiversity conservation policies.

The Natural Park of the Strait of Gibraltar, a protected area and an example of the landscape diversity, from wide beaches of fine and clear sand to large rocky cliffs.

Tarifa is characterized by the occurrence of strong winds caused by the difference between high and low pressures. The prevailing winds are the westernmost winds (Poniente) and the easternmost winds (Levante). These winds can be extremely strong, although they usually blow continuously with moderate intensity.

Tarifa has taken advantage of the wind as a great opportunity for fun, generating a whole culture, a way of life and a tourist attraction thanks to the water sports that require the strength of the wind such as windsurfing, kitesurfing, etc....

Tarifa offers other ways to have fun also related to the natural resources of the area such as bird watching, diving, cycling routes, horseback riding and of course, whale watching.

In 1996, the first surveys were carried out to analyze the viability of this activity and it was not until 1998 that this activity began to be carried out, offering tourism in the region the possibility of observing these animals in freedom.