It is spacious and comfortable, with underwater vision room and capacity for 195 passengers, but we limit boarding to 165 passengers for added comfort during the sighting. It has toilets, internal video circuit, projector for audiovisual presentations, wheelchair access ramp, roofed area with large windows and upper deck without door seating. Also widely used for corporate events, with the possibility of catering onboard. With the "LARGEST SUBMARINE VISION OF THE STRAIGHT"

Pirata de Sálvora

This is the newest boat in the Strait for whale watching.
Its profile helps navigation in strong sea and wind conditions, it is a fast boat with excellent performance for whale watching, especially the sighting of Orcas that takes place at a longer distance from the port of Tarifa.
Note: this boat does not have a bar service, so It is advisable to bring some refreshments on board.